Warning – this organisation wants to make money out of people on benefits

There is an organisation called BenefitsWise, supposedly set up to help claimants with their benefits.  They say: BenefitsWise is not a charity and we do charge a fee for our services, but you don’t pay anything unless your application for a particular benefit is successful.

It is run by an ex-DWP employee and a lawyer, and while they may offer a no win no fee arrangement, their ‘commission’ charges are still high – 10 times your weekly benefit and premiums.

This is a profit-making organisation, not an advice organisation. Claimants do not have to pay for form filling if they use one of their local advice charities, who can do all of the tasks that BenefitsWise say they are ‘experts’ at.  Just because an organisation is a charity doesn’t mean they are not expert, and yet they say on their website:

Charities do an immense amount of good work. However, we know that with the system being so complicated and the high level of expert knowledge needed to understand the forms and understand how all the benefits are linked together, we believe we are better placed to make sure that you receive everything you are entitled to. We provide a one on one personalised service and your Consultant will visit you at home and manage your case from start to finish.

Shame on them.