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Role Description

 About the role

The Trustees are responsible for the actions of the Charity, and are ‘the people responsible under the Charity’s governing document for controlling the management and administration of the Charity’.

Our current Board of Trustees is made up of disabled people with a wide range of impairments, skills, expertise, background and ages. However, we are eager to enhance and expand on these present qualities to create a board as diverse as possible.

Tom Fadden, Chair of Equal Lives said:

“Recently I have taken on the role of Chair, this is both exciting and challenging, but ultimately it is the most rewarding role I have carried out to date and I couldn’t recommend this opportunity enough.”

We are seeking expressions of interest, from anyone who feels they have the skills and desire, to support us in making a positive difference to the lives of disabled people in Norfolk and beyond.

The ideal person would need to be able to give their time to the role on a regular basis and be able to offer a range of skills especially in areas such as: Finance and Business. They will also be expected to attend external meetings on behalf of Equal Lives.

For a full job description – Equal Lives Trustee Job Description (148 downloads)

For more information

Before applying for this role, for an informal chat or more information, contact: tomfadden@equallives.org.uk or Susan at Equal Lives on 01508 491210 (option 4) susan.waterfield@equallives.org.uk




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