Supported Account Service

You can make a referral to use our Supported Account Service by phone, email, online or in writing to Equal Lives Supported Account service. We can also receive referrals from care assessors or partner organisations on your behalf.

You will need to sign a service agreement and agree to the terms and conditions of the service, before the service starts. These documents will be sent to you once a referral has been made.

Equal Lives offer a Supported Account Service which will:

• Set up a Supported Account in your name
• Receive money from your funding body on your behalf
• Make payments from your account as requested by you. We can only make payments from your account if you have enough money available
• Keep records of the money going in and out of your account and provide you with a statement every four weeks, showing what money has been spent and what is left
• Provide information on your account to your funding body every four weeks, to satisfy monitoring requirements

You will need to:

• Keep ultimate control over your account and how your money is spent, by checking through your four weekly statement
• Let us know as soon as possible if anything appears incorrect
• Provide written authorisation or email authorisation for all payments from your account or nominate someone to do this on your behalf
• Set up a standing order if required to make a personal contribution, from your bank account to your supported account

How much does this service cost?

1) Supported Account set up – £24 one-off (Including VAT)
Equal Lives will set up your supported account and provide you with guidance on how you need to use your account.

2) Ongoing supported account Service – £12.00 four-weekly (Including VAT paid a year up front)
Equal Lives will receive Direct Payments and Personal Contributions (where applicable) into your account. They will process any payment requests you make and issue you with four weekly statements. They will also forward four weekly account monitoring information to your funding body.

How the Supported Account Service Works:

If you are using an agency, provider or buying services of someone who is self employed:

• Your service provider should issue you with an invoice or bill, for their services
• You will need to check the invoice or bill is correct
• You will need to give us permission to make a payment by putting your signature on the invoice or bill
• You will need to forward the authorised invoice or bill to us:
•By Posting it to: Equal Lives Payroll department, 15 Manor Farm Barns, Fox Road, Framingham Pigot, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 7PZ
• By emailing it to
• By faxing it to 01508 491223

• Equal Lives will process the invoice / bill for payment within 14 days of receipt. Your service provider who gave you the invoice / bill will be informed of a payment (remittance advice) so they have this for their records

• We can only pay an invoice or bill from your supported account if there is enough money in there to do so. If you are unsure how much money you have in your account you can contact us to find out. If you do not have enough money in your account you may need to access your contingency fund held by the Direct Payments Office and you will need to contact them to arrange this. For more information see the ‘your contingency fund’ factsheet. You may choose to top up your account from your personal finances. For further information about this see the ‘personal contributions, topping up your account’ factsheet. Alternatively, you may need to contact your funding body

• We will send you a statement every four weeks, showing you what has been paid into and out of your supported account

• We will also send a copy of your statement to your funding body to satisfy their monitoring requirements

If you are also using Equal Lives’ Payroll Service:

• We will pay your employee’s wages directly from your Supported Account using the information you have provided on their timesheet

• We can only make these payments to your employees if you have signed the timesheets to give us permission to do so, and you have enough money in your account to make the payments

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