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2020-2021-Dates-List-Blue.pdf (23 downloads) Equal Lives Payroll Service is on the Norfolk County Council accredited provider list. If you wish to find out about other accredited providers please see our support services page.

You can make a referral to use Equal Lives Payroll Service by phone, email, online or in writing to Equal Lives Payroll service. We can also receive referrals from care assessors or partner organisations on your behalf. You will need to sign a service agreement and agree to the terms and conditions of the service, before the service starts. These documents will be sent to you once a referral has been made. Costs for the service should have been included in your support plan as part of your Personal Budget funded by Norfolk County Council, or Personal Health Budget funded by NHS. If you fund your own care yourself, you can also purchase the service.

Equal Lives Payroll Service will:

  • Register you as an employer with HMRC (Inland Revenue) and act as your agent
  • Set up a PAYE scheme in your name
  • Add and remove employees from your payroll as requested by you
  • Receive and process your signed completed timesheets
  • Prepare four-weekly payslips for your employees, based on the information we receive from you
  • Calculate holiday pay/entitlement, sick pay and other statutory payments as requested by you
  • Calculate any tax and national insurance due to HMRC and advise you accordingly 

You will need to:

  • Provide us with details of the work you need to pay your employees for, every four weeks. We will provide you with some timesheets to complete
  • Sign the timesheets to give us permission to calculate payments and process your payroll


  • Have an automated payroll service set up if your employee works the same amount of hours every week. (Please see the ‘How to set up your Payroll with Equal Lives‘ factsheet for more information)


  • Ensure any information you provide is correct as you are the employer and are responsible for this.

How much does this service cost?

 1) Payroll service set up – £36 one-off (Including VAT) Equal Lives will set up your payroll and register this with HMRC. Equal Lives will also register themselves as your payroll agent with HMRC so they can act on your behalf.  

2) Ongoing payroll service – £16.80 four-weekly (Including VAT paid a year up front) You will have dedicated one to one support from a Payroll Officer. Equal Lives will run the payroll (PAYE) and produce payslips and payroll summaries. They will also provide information regarding HMRC payments. Equal Lives will work out your employees’ holiday entitlement calculations, statutory calculations and payments relating to statutory sick pay and maternity pay and will also complete real time information (RTI) returns to HMRC. We will process an end of year return including producing a P60 for each employee. If your employee leaves they will make sure a P45 is issued.

How the Equal Lives Payroll Service Works:

If you have chosen to use Equal Lives’ supported account service, as well as the payroll service, we will pay your employees’ wages straight into their bank account, using the information you have provided on their timesheet. We will then send a payslip to your employees. We will also send you a payroll summary every four weeks to show you what payments have been made for wages and any deductions that have been made for tax and national insurance.

If you are not using Equal Lives supported accounts service then we will process your payroll and send you the information on your employees’ wages and any amounts that will need to be deducted for tax and national insurance. This is called a Payroll Summary and you should keep this for your records. We will also send you a payslip for each of your employees. You will need to pay each employee the net amount (after deductions). We will also send you an HMRC (Inland Revenue) payment slip every month and information on what needs to be paid, as you are responsible for making monthly tax and national insurance payments due to HMRC. Please see the ’How to pay HMRC’ factsheet for more information. You will still need to advise HMRC if no payment is due (more information about this can be found in the ‘Real Time Information’ factsheet.)


We have created some factsheets that are available to download regarding our service, how to fill in a timesheet and a template timesheet you can use to fill in what hours your employee has worked including any holidays, bank holidays and sickness they have taken. There are also Dates Lists to see when your timesheets and mileage and expense claim forms need to be returned by for payment.

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