Proposed changes to financial assessments for non-residential social care – have your say

Adult Social Services are proposing to change the way they work out how much people pay towards the cost of their non-residential social care.  To work out how much people need to pay they carry out a financial assessment. They are considering changing a part of the financial assessment for non-residential care called disability related expenditure. Some people have to pay more money for things because of their disability, illness or mental health condition – they call this disability related expenditure or DRE.  Disability related expenditure reduces the amount they ask people to pay for their care.

They are proposing to change the amount of ‘disregard’ or ‘allowance’ from £15 a week to £7.50 a week. Where people have higher eligible expenses they will still take these into account, as they do currently.

This proposal affects around 3,800 people who may have to start paying for, or pay more for, their social care.

If you are affected you should receive a letter which you can see here:  consultation-ass-final

If you would like to find out more about the consultation you can do so here:

Any easy read version of the consultation is available here: consultation-ass-easy-read-v-1-0

If you would like to send a response to the consultation please email

The Consultation will close on the 9 February and a recommendation following the outcome of the consultation will be presented to Full Council on 20 February 2017.

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