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Penny’s Blog: Thetford Independent Living Group – Access Issues

On Wednesday 24th October I visited the Thetford Independent Living group. At the Charles Burrell Centre. (

We discussed a topic at this meeting that has also been covered at previous meetings. The need to raise awareness and address the issues faced by disabled people. When out and about in Thetford.

Unfortunately like many other places disabled people face barriers in many areas. Including; the railway station. Local taxis. Lack and misuse of Blue Badge Parking. Lack of or misplacement of dropped kerbs. The negotiation of the ever increasing amount of ‘ street furniture’ that adorns our pavements. To mention a few of the issues.

It was suggested at the meeting that a group of disabled people should go out and about round Thetford noting where these issues are and possible solutions that could improve accessibility for all.

Thetford SignWith no date set for this yet the group are happy to hear from any disabled people in the area who would be interested in joining them on this session and also to hear from people about the issues they have faced when out and about in Thetford.

The group is going to welcome town councillor Mike Brindle on their session round Thetford.

Other members will be visiting the local gym and Light cinema to report on the accessibility of these venues and their websites.

The next meeting of the Thetford ILG will be in December and if you want to find out more about the group then do contact me (

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