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Penny’s Blog: Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

Ha ha I just had to use that as the title – sorry! Here at Equal Lives we are always keen to hear what our members are interested in, what they want to see developed or what they feel is missing from current provision.

In recent months I have been asking our Member Groups to tell me what other ways they would like to access everything to do with our Membership, Services, Activities and Opportunities. The feedback shows that people would like an App, but what do you want an App to do? That is the question.

So Please, Groups and Individual members, tell me what you would want an Equal Lives App to offer?

Radio Show

Headphones imageAs some of you will know, I have wanted to have a Radio Show for a number of years. Now we might have that opportunity.

I would like to gather your thoughts and ideas about what items and subjects you would like to see included in a regular show?

Ooooo so much to do and I have already eaten my Cherry Bakewell….

Questions, questions…!! Here’s another!

Let me know what groups you would like in your area, what you would like them to do and where would it be good to meet – any ideas just send them in and keep me busy…… I have already had suggestions for a North Norfolk Access Group and a Young Persons Art Group, so keep them coming……

 Here’s one for North Norfolk Members – would you like a Peer Support event in your area? What would it look like, where would it be, what would it do and would you like to be involved in planning it?

 Phew! That is a lot to answer. At Equal Lives we do our best to work on the things that matter to our Members and Member Groups. Having you send in your thoughts and ideas is a great way of telling us what you want. What you really really want. This can enable us to look for appropriate funding, partners to work with, changes we can make to our Services and support etc.

 So please do get involved! – we can’t do everything but it is important that what we do meets your requirements wherever possible.

 We will ensure we let you know what suggestions come in and what we are doing with them; being clear if there is something we can’t do and for what reason.

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So tell us what we can do to “spice up your life” groan at that one!

 Please send your suggestions to


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