Penny’s Blog: Sing Your Heart Out & Our AGM

Sing Your Heart Out’s Summer Event

Well its back at work, my few days away a thing of the past covered by ‘washing mountain’ – really where does all this laundry come from? It’s ridiculous!

Penny at Sing Your Heart Out

a photo of Penny at Sing Your Heart Out

As I mentioned last time I was off to Sing Your Heart Out’s Summer Event in Norwich. I received such a warm welcome, and I was formally introduced to the Members, who were invited to ask me questions in the break. (Oooh pressure is on! What will someone ask, and will I know the answer?!) Before I have enough time to start worrying,  I throw myself into the session. I carry out the warm up vocal exercises and try desperately to follow what I am meant to be doing with my arms without injuring anyone on either side!

Soon we are all chuckling as we start to learn the various songs arranged for that day by Natasha the vocal coach. Yes, it’s just how I said it would be. You can’t quite tell what the words are, but you make something up anyway and it seems to sort of fit, unless you have the tune wrong too. Anyway, right words, wrong words, right tune…. somehow it all seems to come together and we had a good time.

Meeting a High Sheriff!

At the break as promised its choccie biccy time and Penny Holden introduces me to the High Sheriff of Norfolk James Bagge – erm I can hear some of you saying ‘ who’ what does he do’, so follow this link for more info:

I explain about all the work Equal Lives does and the wide and varied support offered by its Member Groups which includes Sing Your Heart Out.

Then the moment arises Penny H introduces me to Sue who is a Community Mental Health Nurse saying  – UH OH! But as it usually happens the question is one I can answer, should really have more confidence in myself!!! Sue wants to know more about our Benefits Services and making referrals into the team. We discussed that there is a huge need for people to be able to get support with their benefits at the moment but equally how this demand is seeing Organisations being overstretched and waiting lists for support are growing.The amount of pressure and stress on everyone is immense and is having a huge impact on people’s lives.

Equal Lives AGM

Today back in the office it’s a Planning meeting for our AGM in November, whilst we are busy planning the timeline, documentation and process for the voting on of Trustees our Member groups have started booking their stands as well as offering some acoustic music sets and poetry performances.

Current stands at our AGM:

The Black dog Music Project

 Sing Your Heart Out

Norwich ILG

Norwich Access group

Mind the Gap

Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC)

Disabled Racing Drivers Car Club

Keep watching our Membership Mondays on Facebook for updates to this list and do come along to our AGM on Saturday November 11th 1-4pm at Poringland Community Centre.

So will leave it at that for this week. Now going to finish the e-bulletin and Facebook bits for next week and then I am off to DWILG – what a lovely name. DWILG stands for Dereham and Watton Independent Living Group, I will tell you more about them next time.

Not a work cake insight this week. This is what comes from having a Bank Holiday and a day off. However, so not to disappoint those cake fans out there, I did have a scrumptious gluten free carrot cake (Oooh is that one of my 5 a day??). I enjoyed it with my best friend and her lovely daughter this week for her birthday. Where would we be without good friends? (uh oh nearly gone into the Neighbors theme tune) Especially the ones who are there for us through the good, the bad and the ugly? It’s good to talk.

Penny x

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  1. Shaun McGarry

    It is great to see our member groups organising themselves to come to our AGM in November. I do hope that all will come!!
    Penny, you are doing a fantastic job visiting each of the groups – may it continue!! Well Done! But Watch out for those Cakes, they are out to get You!! Smile!

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