supporting local charities

Penny’s Blog: Supporting Local Charities

Brrrr well, a cold and snowy week all round and with difficult traveling conditions and school closures it’s been a mixed week for us getting into and about with work. Equal Lives Headquarters has been snowed under, so we had a few snow days to take time to reflect.

Supporting those who might be isolated:

Something to think about this week is about support for our local groups and organisations. I have seen time and time again in recent years- the struggle our Community Groups are having. Not only obtaining funding but also in attracting new Members. Unfortunately, all leading to the sad demise of some groups in the rural areas of Norfolk.

Why is it that these small groups are struggling to survive when clearly there is more need for people to meet up?

It is always lovely to have a cuppa and a chat and to support each other.  It makes a difference when people are not isolated within their own homes or village and that they do know their neighbour. In times of difficulty, they can watch out for each other, or give needed support within the neighbourhood.

Our groups are constantly looking for new ways to communicate that they are there with those around them. With newsletter articles, flyers, and posters in local libraries, shops, GP surgeries, facebook, websites etc it becomes difficult to know just what they can do to reach out to others.

supporting local charities

Supporting Local:

I was reading an article recently commenting on the recent reports of misuse of funding by some of the big Charities. Are we continuing to spend money supporting them when local Groups and Organisations are struggling to survive? Where can we clearly see where money is being used appropriately?

For many of us it is true that we donate to established charities. However, when was the last time we gave to a local group in our own area? Some food for thought!

Local charities have so much to offer: Peer Support and Friendship, information, advice, as well as sports and other activities. There is a wealth of opportunities for people locally. Many of these are also run by a huge amount of volunteers.

Do think about supporting a local group in your area. Whether this is in time, money or by just telling others about them. It is good to know people have somewhere to go. Groups remain valuable support in our Communities.

For More Information:

For a list of Equal Lives, Member Groups visit our Website at:

If you are a group seeking support then contact Penny either by email: or call: 01508 491210

For individuals why not join our Membership at Receive regular updates on groups, activities, and events in your area as well as a wide range of information, advice, and support

Above all, give your support to the Community Groups and Organisations in your area.

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  1. Sabrina Bartram

    Hi Penny, long time no see. I was stuck indoors because of snow. I didn’t see anyone from Tuesday until Thursday when my brother popped round. It was hard not seeing anyone when I am so used to getting out and about. Made me realise what long term isolation and loneliness must do to people.

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