Penny’s Blog – “Shaking up the toy box”

Oooo didn’t you just love Hector in my blog last week, well this week I am bringing you a bit about another organisation you can see at Disability Pride – “Toy Like Me”

I mentioned Rebecca and Toy like me in my earlier blog about my visit to the Summer Deaf Festival (, the stall attracted so much interest and I hope you will come along and find out more about it and enjoy all the other stalls and activities at the Disability Pride event on the 16th Sept – not long now…

Established in 2015 after journalist and creative consultant Rebecca Atkinson noticed the lack of positive diffability representation in toys,  Toy like me a Not for Profit Organisation has worked and campaigned for the Global Toy Industry including companies like Play Mobil and Lego to start positively representing 150 million children worldwide and end cultural marginalization.

From her own experience Rebecca says “As someone who had grown up wearing hearing aids, I remembered first-hand how it felt to be a child who never saw themselves represented by the mainstream and what that can do to a child’s self-esteem. To exclude in the toy box teaches all children it’s OK to exclude in real life.  I wanted to change this for generations to come by getting global brands like Lego, Mattel and Play Mobil to include positive representations of disability in their products.”

Toy Like Me have been credited for influencing change with  in Play Mobil and Lego with huge support for their campaigns and the inclusion of waggy tailed guide dogs, sticks, canes, wheelchairs and cochlea implants within these popular toy ranges.


To find out more about this creative and innovative organisation visit their website at

Come along and see Rebecca on the day, view her range of images, offer your support to their latest Lego campaign, for the young and young at heart play with the tree house and take part in the children’s activities and enjoy the wonderful world of toys.

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