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“That’s the way to do it” – and not a Punch and Judy in sight!

So another week and wow as ever the weekend just flew by! Just a short week this week as have a few days off to enjoy the racing at Silverstone…any fans out there and its 46 all the way!!!

Before I get carried away, it’s a few days of work first. This week it’s off to the Awareness in Roadworks day at the UEA (University of East Anglia).

For disabled people to voice their concerns, this day offers a vital opportunity. Hopefully this day will improve the experience and safety for disabled people.

roadworks norfolk

Research shows that many people with a disability find roadworks problematic:

  • There’s not enough room to move a wheelchair or mobility scooter between the barriers
  • It’s not clear where to go/difficult to navigate
  • The roadworks are not labelled clearly
  • Wheelchair ramps have not been placed between the road and kerb

And we highly suspect that there are other issues that need to be addressed. This is where you come in. This summer, Oxford Plastics & Dr Katherine Deane of UEA would like to speak to representatives from your organisation and individuals with disabilities.

We would like feedback on how we, as a manufacturer of roadworks products,  can make roadworks better and safer. The ultimate goal is to influence the creation of a best practice guide.

The event will hopefully highlight that to improve services for disabled people then you need to involve disabled people at all stages. Access for disabled people means access for all.  It’s a constructive, efficient and cost effective way of developing a service or business rather than waiting until it is set up and then wonder why it doesn’t quite work.

So the day should be very interactive for all and will hopefully identify ways we can all work together going forward.

It is often all too easy to think we know what someone else wants, needs or thinks but we only really know this by asking the person themselves.

Please note: There are also refreshments and I will report on those along with the day at a later date….

The usual sweet treat report

It’s a bit of a strange blog this week as having to write it early in the week I am writing about what I am going to do rather than what I have done, as what I have done so far this week just involves a load of typing, paperwork and a team meeting, not a single cake in sight – although for those sitting there drooling in anticipation I did have a lovely Banoffee Basket last night. Oh it was yummy: all that cream, banana, caramel sauce, wafery basket – Ha Ha don’t think “wafery” is a word but it was made of wafer anyway but oooh so scrumptious!

(Oops sorry was a bit distracted there for a minute and went off track so back to tomorrow afternoon….)

Sing Your Heart Out

Sing Your Heart Out Logo

Leaving the UEA we will head for the Phoenix Centre in Norwich for the Summer Festival event of Member Group SYHO (Sing Your Heart Out). As catching up with how the group is going and meeting individual members old and new I will be singing away like a ‘good un’. However, in case he has any doubts, so will my support worker! We will of course be amazing (not), but that is the great thing about SYHO- you don’t have to be able to sing just join in and have some fun.

Hopefully, I am also going to be introducing Ren from Back on the Radar to the group. Their experience could be beneficial to Ren in setting up and running her group. Oh and of course as SYHO like to promote CHOCOLATE BISCUITS! You can find out all about Sing Your Heart Out here: www.syho.org

Then it’s me off to the leather clad motorcyclists of Moto GP, a few BBQs, bands and the odd beverage. And yes- we are on the accessible campsite which is actually very well run.

Flags will be flying high and a good time will be had by all. Spare a thought for Winnie though, who won’t be attending and will have to relax, sleep and eat at home. Oh it’s a dog’s life!

equal lives dog

See you next time

Penny x


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