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Youth Forum Reunion, New Museum Project and Personal Health Budget Group


A few opportunities this week for you to meet old friends, make new ones, get involved in an exciting new project, and get peer support from a new Personal Health Budget group.

So read on to see if it’s for you…


Youth Forum Reunion Event


Beatty and Maxine Sinclair have organised a reunion for anyone who used to attend the Equal Lives Youth forum.

It will be a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and see what they have been up to.

The reunion will take place at Café Marzano, the Forum on Saturday 21st April from 11am.

If you would like to find out more then you can visit

(or just pop along on the day)

It is hoped that as many people as possible will pop along, so make a date in your diary and Beatty and Maxine will look forward to seeing you there.

photo of Youth Forum Attendees


Get involved in an exciting new Project with the Norwich Museum and Norfolk Heritage Society


The Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell is the community museum for the people of Norwich, as well as introducing visitors to Norwich to our wonderful city. For those of you who haven’t been, or have been but it was ‘such a long time ago now’, let me give you a super-quick introduction to some of the themes explored in the museum and one or two of their star objects.

The museum starts in England’s Second City gallery where we pick up the story of Norwich in the sixteenth century, when Norwich was really beginning to flourish and prosper. This gallery is full of delicious items but I particularly like the sedan chair, which you could hire from the bottom of Opie Street in the eighteenth century. There is a blue plaque there commemorating this fact so have a look next time you are passing.

As you continue on your journey you will discover the history of coffee houses in Norwich, shopping and the market, the beguiling tradition of Jack Valentine (resplendent with lovely nineteenth century Valentine’s cards), an early twentieth century pharmacy (that still has all the drugs in the draws and bottles!), shoes, chocolate, textile weaving (including a nineteenth Jaquard loom that still works), beer and brewing and living through the Baedeker Raids in Norwich. Finally you will arrive in the gallery ‘Living in Norwich 1945 Onwards’ that brings you right up to the present day.

In partnership with the Norfolk Heritage Centre, the Museum of Norwich is excited to be a part of Disability Pride and the Independent Living Event. To celebrate this event they are looking for a group of enthusiastic volunteers to help them interpret the museum in a way that is meaningful to them.

We know that we all see the world differently, so this project would like you to tell others how you see the world.

You would start the project with a guided tour around the museum so that you are able to familiarise yourself with the place and the objects on display. You will then be welcome to follow a path that interests you.

Curators will enable you to get up close and personal to some of the collections and help you find any additional information you may need.

In September the Museum will have collated all your efforts to produce a trail that visitors around the museum can take and have a chance to see the world from your view point. In fact, the Museum has entitled the project View Finder.

Details are as yet to be confirmed, but if you are interested in being a part of this please let your intention be known to Penny Parker: email or phone 01508 491576 and you will be contacted with further information in the near future.

Just a note though; it is likely that the led sessions will take place during the day on week days, although there is some potential scope for Saturday workshops.


Photo of a museum piece from Bridewell Museum

New Personal Health Budget Group

Kirsty has got in touch with me to promote the following:

Kirsty is a PHB holder, and is looking to get in touch with other PHB holders in the local area to discuss common experiences and help the CCGs in Norfolk deliver a better service.

Kirsty runs a local group that is trying to improve services and increase independence and choice for PHB holders. If you receive a PHB, or know somebody who does, please get in touch, as Kirsty would love to hear from you.

Kirsty has also set up a facebook page: “Norfolk Personal Health Budget holders group”



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