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Penny’s Blog: Mince Pies and Member Groups

M.E Support Norfolk

Last week I went to visit the M.E Support Group in Norwich. It was my first visit for a while, and I remembered that last time I went I had mince pies.

Unfortunately, this time I was 2 months too early, although they said to return in December and this would be remedied!


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It was good to see that the group was still very well attended. There was a constant buzz as everyone sat down, had a cuppa and got chatting to each other. A really nice, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

The group has been in existence for nearly thirty years now, having originally begun as a local branch of one of the national M.E. charities. Since 2000, when their current name was adopted, they have been an independent support group. They have their own library of books, DVDs and audiobooks for members to borrow. Most of these are naturally M.E.-related, but some are purely for enjoyment! Members also receive a monthly newsletter MEMO.

Regular informal monthly support meetings are held in Norwich, sometimes with presentations on topics such as nutrition and complementary therapies. Individual members also host their own occasional get-togethers, as well as organising various events throughout the year.

Aims and Objectives of the group

  • Provide information and support to people with M.E., their carers, families and friends
  • Raise awareness of M.E. locally within the media, health care organisations and the general public
  • Campaign for more recognition, research and better care and benefits for people with M.E.

To find out more about the group then please use the details below:

Email address: mesnorfolk@btinternet.com

Website: http://www.mesupportnorfolk.co.uk/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mesupportnorfolk


Visiting the Group

I had gone along to talk about Equal Lives, our services, membership, projects and events and was given a warm welcome. It was great to meet the new chair of the group, Steve and also see Dan and Mike who have been with the group ever since I met them 8 years ago (and probably longer than that).

Steve told me that with his technical knowledge he had enabled the group to have a much wider online presence. He also said that since joining the group he appreciated how important it is to maintain a paper based newsletter for members, who for various reasons were not able to access things in an electronic format.

When I arrived I got talking to a lady who was attending for the first time. She said that she was looking for somewhere where she could meet people with a similar experience. Where she could be herself and not be judged. And where she could find out information. Above all, just somewhere to talk and make friends, as it can be lonely when you feel that you are dealing with something on your own.

I am sure that that ‘feeling alone’ is a feeling that many of us have experienced, and I am sure for this lady that this group will be a positive step.

Peer Support

The Peer Support opportunities offered by this, and many other groups across Norfolk is vital to the lives of many people across the county.

You can visit our website to see our other Member groups across Norfolk https://equallives.org.uk/members/member-groups/

Plus you can also visit the Peer Support Event being held at the Forum in Norwich on the 28th November. It will be a chance to meet other groups, organisations and individuals offering Peer support opportunities across the county.


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