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This week we have so much going on. I will talk about Disability Pride, Pick up a paintbrush, campaigning. There’s then having a chat, the Thetford ILG and The photography exhibition.

Before that someone just asked me about not writing a blog last week and do you know I don’t actually think I did, not sure how that happened but let’s put it down to the weather shall we…..

There is so much going on at the moment and it’s all so exciting so read on and see if there is something that you would like to get involved in:

Filming Workshop for Disability Pride

Clapper Board ImageI went to meet with BBC Voices and super Wendy and Gary.

They were really interested in Disability Pride and have offered to run a small workshop for about 4 people to learn to take and edit small film clips.

The people attending the workshop can then take some film clips on the day of Disability Pride, trying out there skills and filming whatever they find interesting at the event.

So I am looking for people who would like to take this opportunity to give filming a go and capture the fun of Disability Pride on Sunday 16th September.

As soon as I have people interested we will arrange the workshop date, so just get in touch and have a chat with me on 01508 491210 Option 4 or email me at

Pick up a Paintbrush

(oh I so want to say Penguin but there are probably those too young to know what I mean)

Penguin imageThen I have been to meet the West Norfolk Artists Association and a lovely lady called Esther in a lovely little place called the Soul Café in Kings Lynn, which was displaying the work of a local artist – food was yummy…oops sorry not here to talk about the food!

Anyway we would like to hear from any disabled people in the West Norfolk area who would be interested in giving art a go.

Once we have a few people interested we will arrange an informal meeting to chat about what people would like to do and how we can make it happen.

So again just let me know if this is of interest to you.

You can find out more about the West Norfolk Artists Association at

Campaigning – You Tell Us

Now, not for everyone but definitely for some is the subject of Campaigning. We would like to hear what is important to you and the issues and barriers you face.

We have a short survey which we would appreciate it if you could complete. It will inform us of what you feel is important and how we can support in tackling the issues for disabled people in Norfolk.

Find the survey at

Come and have a chat

Hazel, and I will be in Marzarno’s in the Forum next Wednesday 8th August. We would like to meet any of our Members who want to pop along for a chat.

Often we spend a lot of time communicating online in various formats. It would be good to meet our members face to face and for our members to meet each other.

Michael one of our Money Matters Engagement Officers will also be there.

We will be in Marzano’s from 10:30 till 12:00 so do pop in and say hello, it’s all very informal.

We will put some of our leaflets on the table where we are sitting so you know where to come to. Just getting prepared as I often go to meet people and realise I don’t know what they look like. Also they don’t know what I look like either. I have to play detective to find them or send Ronnie to ask every stranger if it is them I am meeting!

Thetford ILG

Yes for those of you in the Thetford area. The next Thetford Independent Living group meeting is on Wednesday 22nd August, at 10am-11.30. The meeting will take place at The Charles Burrell Centre, in Thetford. The address is Staniforth Road, Thetford, IP24 3LH.

You can find the group on Facebook at Or contact Tom Fadden for more info at

Photographic Exhibition

Camera imageDon’t forget that all photos for The Photography Exhibition at Disability Pride need to be in by August 15th.

With the themes of ‘Out and About ‘and ‘In the home’. I am sure there are lots of opportunities to capture the perfect moment to send in to the exhibition.

To find out more about sending in your pics please go to our Website at

You can also email Martin at or myself at

With so much going on why not share this blog with a friend. Giving them the opportunity to get involved too.


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