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Penny’s Blog: Lets talk Ice Cream!

How can a one-handed American footballer start a conversation about ice creams, and how easy is it for you to eat an ice cream? Is it the same for everyone?…

A recent news article told of how Shaquem Griffin 22, impressed National Football League (NFL) coaches at a talent scouting event.

Shaquem, who had to have his left hand amputated due to a condition he was born with, is now grabbing the headlines on an international scale for his speed and strength.

American football team photo

With everyone talking about this young player, the future looks good, and he is expected to land a pro American Football contract this year.

So for those people who said he couldn’t play football with only one hand, and that he shouldn’t have the opportunity to take part in the talent scout event, this is a clear example of how underestimating disabled people could lead to opportunities being lost and someone not being able to fulfill their potential.


A positive example that will hopefully raise awareness and prove an education to those still living in the dark ages…

Lets talk Ice Cream!

And so where are the ice creams you ask…..

photo of ice creams

Well with this lovely weather we all scream for an ice cream – a nice Mr Whippy for me I think. But along with lots of other things, how easy is it if you only have one hand and need to use a stick, guide dog or if you need to push a wheelchair, but still want to enjoy a lovely yummy ice cream with plenty of sauce, sprinkles and that all important flake.

woman walking with a walking stick

Of course, this could go for umbrellas, shopping, or many other things, but we will stick with ice creams for this weather spell (not that in other weathers you can eat umbrellas but you know what I mean!)

Often when out with friends or family they might buy an ice cream and want to keep walking, and the assumption may be that everyone is able to do this. But this is not something you can juggle with, even if you have both limbs if you already have your hand full. Trying to avoid a major messy disaster (after all losing your ice cream is a huge thing!) you just need them to understand that you need to stop and eat your ice cream and then move on.

And why not sit down for a minute, stop and smell the roses, as the saying goes!

It’s really simple, so why don’t people see it…….

I’ve come in this morning and sadly the umbrella may actually be more appropriate today but last night I did have to go home and have an ice cream, as I just couldn’t stop thinking about them.


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