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Penny’s Blog: Communication, Co-operation & Cake

Communication, Co-operation and Cake – Could we all do more?

Come with me for a browse down my emails this week. You will find an array of links, experiences, references to different events sent in via our Members. All of this, along with the usual notes, diary dates and the usual work stuff!

Don’t worry, I’m going to stick to the items sent in via our Members! Commencing with a Podcast from the BBC radio 4 show called “Word of Mouth” – this week’s episode about autism and communicating.word of mouth on bbc radio 4 logo

Have a listen to it (MP3 Download):

It is very informative as to how and why we need to change the way we talk and communicate with people living on the Autistic spectrum. It certainly made me think about how often we expect people to know what we mean without actually saying it, or how we do say one thing and yet mean something different.

It’s made me look at the things said to me today at work and think how they would be interpreted by someone on the Autistic Spectrum based on the information given on the film. So listen to the mp3 and have a think about the communication you have had today! Good Communication is essential, along with clear and precise instructions. So,  today it is a smooth exit for us all to the car park and Winnie is not quite sure what is happening! Though, for Winnie, means a walk and lots of people so she’s happy. Returning to the office I guess she must think ‘what was that all about’?!

Anyway she has had to have a lie down!

photo of winnie smilingWymondham Access Group (WAG)

Next email is from Wymondham Access Group (WAG) now that is an acronym that Winnie is in favour of! WAG are having their next meeting on Thursday 19th October 2017 at the Jubilee Hall, Rattle Row. Meet at 9.30am for a cuppa followed by their meeting. Do pop along if you are interested. This is a great, pro-active group who are making a big difference to access in the local area.

Then an event confirmation for the Greater Norwich Social Justice Conference in January 2018. (Oh no next year already!) Well you have to plan these things well in advance… Am having an email conversation with Brian at DIAL in Peterborough. He has been talking about his current work to highlight the issues disabled people face in and around Peterborough.

Taking on board the views of blind and visually impaired attendees at one of Brians talks he contacted the local Council. The Council are eager to work with the Disability forum to understand the barriers people face to shopping in Peterborough.

Appreciating that the comments from the people Brian had met included the fact that they had wished to shop and luncheon in the city but due to various issues with silent crossings for example,  they had decided to give it a miss.

Indicating that this was money lost by the City this feedback highlighted that making things more accessible could be of significant benefit to local businesses with the wider impact on employment, housing,infrastructure, families and wider Community and Economic issues

Brian is pleased that the council are welcoming this opportunity to work with disabled people in Peterborough

Linking in with Brian  and our Access Groups  as well as disabled people Nationwide I now come on to Blue Badges

wymondham access group logo

As mentioned in last weeks blog the misuse of Blue Badges and Disabled Parking is an issue across the Country.

Blue Badges


It seems that as soon as a space is created for disabled parking that this makes it the spot that everyone must park in. No other spot will do.

When does the Blue Badge abuse stop?  Not until the courts hand out meaningful sentences!

A businessman was caught using a photocopy of his mother’s disabled permit, so that he could park his £35,000 car on double yellow lines.

Errol Lipman, 58, used the crude copy of his elderly mother’s Blue Badge in a bid to park the Mercedes E-Class where he pleased. However the property developer was finally caught out after a warden raised concerns over the poor imitation in his car window. Executive director of Safeland, the father of three was fined £1,000. He was also ordered to pay £1,000 court costs and a £100 victim surcharge. His lawyer Maria Stevens said her client was late for an appointment!

Vicar stole blue badge of a dead parishioner so he could park for free.

Bill Haymaker, 64, claimed the woman had handed him the badge to give back to the Council before she died, but that he forgot. But the vicar was caught red-handed by a traffic warden parking in a disabled bay. He later described it as one of those “oh shoot” moments. He claimed he was telling the “gospel truth.”

A court ordered Fr Haymaker, who was ordained in 1984, to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and to pay £3,700 in court costs. The dad-of-two had claimed he was providing pastoral care for terminally ill and poorly parishioners, necessitating the badge. A jury took just 45 minutes to unanimously find him guilty of possessing an article for use in a fraud. After his conviction Fr Haymaker said he had made an “honest mistake”

One great story hot of the press from Brian is this:

An angry parent contacted the Peterborough Disability Forum following the continued misuse of Blue Badge Parking Bays outside of a local school. The parent  highlighted that the bays are not only misused by other parents but also by local taxi companies.

The Forum quickly took action contacting the Traffic Enforcement Agency. A visit from Traffic Enforcement to the area resulted in a number of Summonses and Prosecutions for drivers. Work continues to stop this ignorant and thoughtless misuse of Blue Badges and Parking Bays. These really effect the safety and independence of those that need to use them.

Disabled people have been caught in angry confrontations with people they know are, or whom they perceive to be misusing parking spaces. Is this really how we want Society to behave?

For more information about Blue Badges then visit:

A last slice

a photo of cheese cake

And so there we have it- a quick whizz over the kinds of things my emails contain each week! I couldn’t leave you before the item below, though:

“It is National Cake Week.”

Now, I ask you, why would anyone send that to me?! 😉


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