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Penny’s Blog: Blogging Friday & Other News

Well, we have had Black Friday, Black five Day, Cyber Monday and who knows what else. Well, now it’s “Blogging Friday” with absolutely no obligation to buy a single thing! You won’t be bombarded by “buy me emails” or fantastic deals that you don’t quite know how “fantastic” they are! And you don’t want them anyway…..

On blogging Friday we just give you the latest update on the activities of Equal Lives and its Member groups through the eyes of myself and my dog Winnie, our staff, members and anyone else who we meet along the way.

We will tell you about things that are going on, our Member groups and local events and information related to living independently in Norfolk and beyond.

And its all Free and delivered by Christmas and also after Christmas too, so join us all year through – no P&P, no shipping, no one size fits all, no returns if it’s not for you one week, no hiding in the drawer like that strange coloured woolly knitted item, just delete and try again for free the next week or contact me and tell me what interests you or share something you are involved in….

Anyway about this week.

Ben and I met with Cody Prior from UK Power Network to discuss a Free Priority Service they offer when there is a power cut.

UK Power Network look after all the cables regardless of which electric company we pay our bill too.

Whilst we don’t get many power cuts these days it is vital for some people that when we do they can receive support to assist them through the situation.

Equal Lives is going to work with UK Power Network to inform disabled people, older people, carers and families in Norfolk about the service and how to sign up for it – completely FREE.

There are full details below provided by UK Power Networks on how you can sign up or contact them but I am also hoping that Cody or his colleague Shirley will join me at some Member group meetings next year if groups are interested in finding out more.

If you are popping into Equal Lives then you can also pick up a form from us to sign up to the Priority Register.

Free support for disabled people in a power cut

UK Power Networks keeps the lights on across London, the South East and East of England. Regardless of who you pay your bills to and you can call them on 105 if you have a power cut.

The company has a Priority Services Register to provide free additional help, support, and advice during a power cut. They provide this service to pensioners, families with young children and people with special needs, disabilities or health conditions.

The register provides you with access to several extra help services including:

  • Welcome pack with useful advice about preparing for a power cut
  • 24-hour priority phone number to call for updates until power is back on
  • Tailored support if needed such as home visits, hot meals, advice and keeping your friends and relatives updated
  • Home visit from our staff or through our charity partnership with the British Red Cross
  • In certain scenarios, we may also offer a free hotel overnight and transport to the hotel

Kerry Potter, priority services manager at UK Power Networks, said: “There are many people that could benefit from being on our Priority Services Register including people living with disabilities. While power cuts are rare there’s no harm in being prepared.

“When it comes to power cuts most people know to have a torch and an old-fashioned corded phone handy, and that most modern fridges and freezers can stay cold for up to 15 hours. But for those who require extra help or have concerns, being on the register is another practical way to be prepared and save unnecessary worry.

“We want to provide the best possible customer service, far beyond what’s normally expected. Our team is dedicated to supporting customers with specific needs.

“While being on the register doesn’t mean we can get the power back on quicker, it does mean we know about a person’s situation. Our dedicated team can provide support tailored to their needs.”


Visit www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/priority

Phone 0800 169 9970, or

Email psr@ukpowernetworks.co.uk

It’s a really good service so why not a look for yourself and join up today.

Other News in Brief

photo of WNDIS members

West Norfolk Disability Information Service (WNDIS) had their 18th AGM on Wednesday. Jonathan Toye chaired the AGM  in another of his trademark rainbow jumpers.

I will give a full report in a future blog, but the great news is that the Service is now running 5 days a week. This is all thanks to Jonathan and an army of trained volunteers.

The demand for their Benefits Service continues to grow, which sadly reflects the crisis disabled people are finding themselves in. But, with a 90% success rate WNDIS are showing why their service is one people are choosing to go to.

It’s time to open your advent calendar – thought I would throw that one in…

New Thetford Group

Thank you so much to those of you who responded to offer assistance in setting up a group in Thetford. It’s great to see that our Members and Member groups offer their support in this way. Also, it was lovely to receive your messages.

Further info will follow very shortly. Blog readers can be kept informed about the development by getting in touch: penny.parker@equallives.org.uk

Farewell to Chris

Today we are losing a valued colleague Chris to pastures new – so good luck and best wishes to Chris.

Oh and enjoy the carrot cake – shame I am not in the office today!!! Ha Ha.


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