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Sing Your Heart Out (SYHO) at Norfolk and Norwich Festival

If you weren’t at the Spiegel Tent in Norwich yesterday afternoon (Wed 23rd May) then you missed a real treat. SYHO were performing in the tent for the first time. This was as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, giving everyone a taste of their singing workshops.

The workshops are fun interactive singing sessions. They take place across Norfolk in Norwich, Kings Lynn, Sheringham, Attleborough and Great Yarmouth.

SYHO provided two sessions to a packed tent with barely any standing room, they even had to print more song sheets.

Sing Your Heart OutThe tent which is a well-known attraction at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. It is a bit like a big top, with a stage at one end and carved poles, lots of mirrors , seating booths and a bar area. Although the bar was strictly for coffee, tea and biscuits at yesterday’s performance.

The tent was soon filled with singing, clapping, stamping, tooting and some good old Yee Ha’s, as we went through just a few of the vast song range SYHO has. This included old favourites like, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, When the Saints and of course Belle Mama.

Guided through all the songs by SYHO’s fantastic voice coaches it sounded beautiful, upbeat and happy. That’s why SYHO is great, everyone comes together regardless of singing voice and gets stuck in.

Pictures and filming was taking place throughout the workshops. I will bring you more about this in another blog and in my next bulletin. I just had to tell you a little bit now. The super bubbly Penny H from SYHO has already whizzed me over one of Steve’s pic to include in this blog. To find out more about SYHO visit

Before I go….

…Our new acting CEO Ben popped along to strut his stuff and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Although we won’t mention his clapping in time!

To find out more about what is on at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival visit:

And although I normally ramble on about all sorts of other things, I’m leaving it there for today. As what more could you want to think about than a “Beautiful Earth”. A warm sunny afternoon. Having fun doing something that makes you laugh, sing and come away with a positive upbeat feeling……

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