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Penny’s Blog: AGM, Access & Biscuits!

Well its Friday morning and I was hoping that I would have the final bits of info I needed to complete my blog, but they have not arrived. So to avoid disappointment, I am quickly writing something else for you to read over your weekend cuppa and biccies.

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Dereham and District Access Group

The group, which has been running for over 25 years, has seen many changes in that time, and the poem they have written below gives you a snap shot of what they have experienced. It was written to celebrate over 25 years of achievement.




Disabled people thought it wrong, To wait out on the street too long

And grapple with the heavy doors, And kerbs and steps to higher floors


But now they think it’s quite fantastic, To find some doors are automatic.

Ramps and lifts are often there, For those who travel by wheelchair


And in the streets things still improve, To help to keep us on the move

Dropped kerbs, humps – a parking space, Things really have come on apace!


And tactile paving you will note – Another aid that gets our vote

And pushchair Mums and old folk too, Are just as pleased as me and you.


Police and Highways are those who, We need to be so grateful to

Along with Councillors and more, Who found us knocking on their door.

There’s lots who’ve helped us with Access, Not least of all, the Local Press


Those impaired in sight and sound, Just want to find their way around.

Along with all the wheelchair users, They do not want to be the losers

So help us on our upward fight, To do what’s only just and right.


The friendly and proactive group are always happy to welcome new members with an interest in access, and also to hear from people about any access issues they have when out and about around Dereham.

You can contact the group’s Secretary Kate Wyatt on or visit their website at

Their next meeting is Thursday 25th October at Elizabeth House Walpole Loke, Dereham NR19 1EE.

For more information visit the Equal Lives Members Area Events section at:


Do you have an event to promote?

If you would like to add your event to the Equal Lives Members Area then please feel free to do so. It’s very easy; just go on the website, and add in your event on the Members Area. We will then approve the listing and it will appear on our events section until the event takes place.


Do you have a poem, article or experience to share with us?

If you would like to submit a poem, experience or article for the blog, e-bulletin, or Membership Monday, or indeed all 3, then do send them to us. And if like Martin last week you want to write a ‘guest‘ blog we are always happy to receive them.

Please email:



Yes, it is that time of year again (and Strictly Come Dancing is back on our TV) – oops sorry meant to be talking about the AGM….

Yes it’s the Equal Lives AGM next Saturday 13th October. If you haven’t already told us you are coming then now is the time to do so, as we don’t want to get too few biscuits. So to avoid that disappointment you know what you need to do!

AGM poster

We are looking forward to a lovely sunny afternoon (Hmmm need to task someone with booking that one) and to catching up with our members.

Hope to see you there!


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