Peer Support Blog

Not long to go until the event now for for the Peer Support Event and we’ve been working hard to finalise the schedule for the day and sort out those last minute issues which always seem to crop up just when you feel you’ve got everything sorted! To be honest, after all these months in discussions and planning workshops, I can’t quite believe that it’s actually happening next week! 

It’s been hard work getting groups to sign up, possibly because the event is a bit different from the usual in that it’s not about a particular ‘group’ of people. We’re used to seeing events for carers, migrant communities, the LGBT community….. but not really where everyone comes together around a common theme, in this case peer support. It’s possible that if groups don’t identify with the term ‘peer support’, they might not see the event as relevant to them. I think this will be a really good learning experience if we work together to arrange similar sessions elsewhere in the County.

We really hope to highlight the value of peer focused activity, (people supporting people), within local communities and how this can bring people together from different backgrounds and with different life experience. If people leave the Forum with an understanding of the variety of peer support available both ‘formal’ and ‘informal’, individual and group support, that would be great. I hope we can demonstrate that we can do so much more if we work together and pool knowledge, experience and resources. We can start doing that next Wednesday.

Here is the schedule of workshops & talks going on throughout the day. The workshops are limited to 10 people. You can book a place on the day or in advance by contacting No need to book on the talks. The event is free and open to all, so hope to see you there!