Online petition following NCC Consultation around social care charging

Following Norfolk County Councils consultation which was sent out to adults with disabilities in Norfolk recently outlining their plans to lower the minimum income guarantee (MIG) Judith and Nick Taylor have set up an online petition to hopefully stop these cuts going ahead.

The Consultation closed on 23rd of December and you can read about it here:

Nick and Judith Taylor have said “These ‘savings’ will involve individuals having to contribute towards their ‘care’ costs (undefined) from any income they may have. This means that the care component that individuals get from central government, which is supposed to be used for their care at home, will now be considered as income and used towards other provision eg day services which is currently funded by adult social services.

People with disabilities are being singled out and discriminated against. Cutting the income of the most vulnerable in our society will affect their wellbeing considerably and contravene the 2014 Care Act which require local authorities to ‘promote individual wellbeing’.

With the Council having a further meeting this Monday 24th January and a full final council meeting around this on February 11th we are keen for as many people as possible to get involved and sign the petition.”

To find out more and sign the petition go to: