Are you a new recipient of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) since 3/4/2017?

If so, DPAC would like your help with pursuing a legal challenge due to benefit cuts for new claimants or those reclaiming ESA. If you feel you could help DPAC see below for more information.

From Monday (3rd April), new recipients of employment and support allowance deemed healthy enough to carry out ‘work related activities’ will get up to £1,500 less each year than existing recipients. Anyone who feels able to work and does so for over 12 weeks but then needs to reclaim ESA will be treated as a new claimant.

When this cut was announced DPAC sought the views of a barrister as to whether this could be legally challenged and the answer was once someone is affected by it then it can be challenged.

DPAC are in touch with a solicitor who is keen to pursue a legal challenge and therefore need to find someone eligible for legal aid willing to make one. This could not only be a new claimant but anyone who might wish to work more than 12 weeks but who would then be disadvantaged if they needed to reclaim ESA at a later date.

If anyone is interested in knowing more and able to help with this legal challenge please email DPAC or contact them via @dis_ppl_protest

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