Equal Lives Consultations

Campaigning – What’s Important to You?

Equal Lives is seeking the opinions of its Members as to what is important to them when it comes to Campaigning to enable disabled people to live more independently in Norfolk and beyond.

Equal Lives is committed to upholding the rights of disabled people and will work constructively with others to improve the lives of disabled people in Norfolk.

However we cannot work on all the wide variety of issues that exist and so we want you to tell us what your priorities are, so that we can focus on some of the issues our Members tell us are most important to them.

Whilst we cannot campaign on everything we can perhaps disseminate issues to some of our Member Groups who work to support people on issues related to individual areas.

For example, there is a ‘Norfolk Rail Access Group’ which has been set up to work constructively to address issues related to rail travel in and out of Norfolk whether it concerns your experience at the station, staff attitudes, the trains, the websites or  any other matters related to rail travel.

If you would like to complete our survey please follow this link:







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