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Equal Lives membership – it is a rewarding experience, and will bring you plenty of benefits!

We offer all our members:

  • Opportunities to get involved in projects, events and local groups where you live
  • Access to peer support. This is when people provide knowledge, experience, social or practical help to each other
  • Regular updates about Equal Lives activities, member group activities, funding, consultations, volunteer opportunities, benefit changes and much more!
  • The opportunity to share your experiences, so that together we can show others the barriers and aspirations of disabled people
  • Ways to work with local authorities to develop and design more accessible and relevant services

Equal Lives membership – Groups

By registering as a group member you can take your local group to the next level. Draw on Equal Lives’ experience to get the best possible outcomes for your group, and share ideas and information with other groups in the area.

As a group member, you’ll benefit from:

  • Training and funding opportunities
  • Publicity and networking
  • Voting rights, to elect our trustees at our AGM to ensure our Organisation meets its aims and objectives and support future developments

Complete the sign up form below to become a member. Or, if you prefer, you can download the membership form and post it to us.

Please note: when becoming a member we will only contact you via email unless you have specific access requirements meaning you need correspondence via an alternative format. If you do not provide an email address and you don’t have requirements for alternative formats then you will not receive correspondence from us.

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