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Voluntary Norfolk

Voluntary Norfolk’s mission is to support volunteers and voluntary organisations across Norfolk, something we have been doing since the organisation was first established in 1969. What we do can be broken down into the following broad categories:


Volunteers are at the heart of what we do. Through the volunteer centre in Norwich and a team of Community Volunteer Coordinators across the county, we work to recruit volunteers – matching personal skills and interests to the right volunteer opportunities – and to promote the benefits that volunteering brings to individuals and to Norfolk as a whole.

Last year 8,846 volunteers contacted Voluntary Norfolk to find out how they could help in their communities.

Voluntary Organisations

Voluntary Norfolk supports a wide range of community and charity organisations with expert help and advice. Hundreds of local organisations are members of Voluntary Norfolk which allows them access to a range of specialist free and paid-for services and we work in partnership with many voluntary and public sector bodies for the benefit of people in Norfolk.


Voluntary Norfolk also acts a voice for community and voluntary organisations, ensuring that whatever the organisation size, the value of volunteers and voluntary organisations is recognised and represented when public sector partners and government consider local and national policies and funding.


Voluntary Norfolk runs a number of flagship projects across the
county which are helping local people to return to the workplace.

We pride ourselves on providing support that is tailored to each person, entirely voluntary, looks and feels local, and is free from the constraints of big national programmes.

Charity BackRoom

Is the unique behind-the-scenes support service for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

By providing the essential support services which smaller charities must have, but find expensive and time-consuming to do themselves, Charity BackRoom offers the double benefit of cost-effective solutions and allowing client organisations to focus on core activities.