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Healthwatch Norfolk

Healthwatch Norfolk is the consumer champion for health and social care in the county. We are an independent organisation but we have statutory powers. The people who make decisions about health and social care in Norfolk have to listen to you through us.

Our remit is to represent your views and your experiences to help inform and improve the services that are commissioned and provided in Norfolk. We have five main objectives:

  1. Gather your views and experiences (good and bad)
  2. Pay particular attention to underrepresented groups
  3. Show how we contribute to making services better
  4. Contribute to better signposting of services
  5. Work with national organisations to help create better services

Healthwatch Norfolk will help individuals get the best out of their local health and social care services.

We want to encourage the public to help us make a difference to health and social care services in Norfolk. We believe that as our health and social care system is going through massive change, power is shifting from the centre, across to local people.

Healthwatch Norfolk is an opportunity for the public in Norfolk to use its voice to have real influence.

The best health and social care services will be based on respect, compassion and excellence, and driven by the user. This is an opportunity for us all to create a health and care system that really meets our needs.

We can give information about the care choices open to the public and also help you to navigate the health and care system. People who are least able to speak will be heard through Healthwatch Norfolk.