Managing Money and Paying Staff

There are many things you need to consider when running your own payroll to pay your staff and managing your money. As not everyone will be using an accredited provider to support them with Payroll and holding their money in a Supported Account we have created some factsheets which are available to download below. If you require any further support or have any questions feel free to contact our Information, Advice and Support Service on 01508 491210.

If you would like more information about Equal Lives’ Payroll and Supported Account Services which can support you by running a Payroll and holding your care and support money on your behalf, please see the Factsheets Equal Lives’ Payroll Service and Equal Lives’ Supported Account Service which are available to download. There are also other accredited providers that offer these services and you should have been given a list of these.

We have also provided factsheets about managing money and running your own payroll and these are available to download.

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