Care and Support

Independent living is about ensuring you have the choice, control and responsibility over your life. Equal Lives is an independent organisation, and we are here to support you with your care and support needs whether you are receiving a Personal Budget from Norfolk County Council, a Personal Health Budget from NHS Continuing Health Care, or funding your own support privately.

Within this section of the website you will find lots of useful information relating to Direct Payments, Personal Budgets, Personal Health Budgets, and funding your own support as well as information about support planning, recruitment, employment, payroll and supported accounts. There are several factsheets to support you with certain processes (e.g. recruiting someone to work for you) and to provide you with advice and guidance around areas you may not know about (e.g. managing maternity).

We offer regular opportunities for all disabled people and carers in Norfolk to meet locally to discuss issues with each other in a supportive environment at our Independent Living Groups.


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