NHS Complaints

Unhappy with the service you or someone you know has received from the NHS?

The NHS Complaints Advocacy service is here to help you if you are unhappy with the service you have received from the NHS, including services, care or treatment provided by a doctor, dentist, hospital, ambulance service or pharmacy.

The NHS Complaints Advocacy service is free, confidential and independent of the NHS.

In Norfolk, the NHS Complaints Advocacy service is provided by a partnership of Age UK Norfolk, Equal Lives, Norfolk Rural Community Council and POhWER.

All initial referrals come through POhWER who will send them to the relevant organisation depending on which client group you belong to. Our advocates can help you to make a complaint and support you through the NHS complaints process. This can include explaining your options and supporting you with things like writing a complaint letter, attending a complaint meeting or signposting to other organisations if appropriate. You can also make an NHS complaint on someone else’s behalf.

Although many of us don’t like complaining, the complaints process is not only a way of resolving issues you or those close to you have faced but it is also an important way to help improve the NHS care in Norfolk.


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