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HMRC has introduced VoiceID to assist all customers calling the tax credits and Self Assessment helplines.  The announcement can be found here:

HMRC have also provided the following information:

Voice biometrics is considered by the industry and HMRC as a customer convenience solution, bringing with it stronger levels of security.

Our customers are increasingly choosing digital options over phone and paper channels, because of their convenience and simplicity. However, we know that not all of our customers can, or want to, interact with us online and we are committed to improving our services for everyone. This technology is well proven – having been adopted by a number of banks and other big customer service organisations around the world. To date, more than 300,000 customers have successfully enrolled for VoiceID and customers calling the tax credits and Self-Assessment helplines can now use the service to verify their identity.

Over the next few months, HMRC will be expanding the use of VoiceID and will be adding this option to other helplines.

What is VoiceID?

VoiceID is a quicker and more secure way for customers to confirm their identity to us. Once enrolled, a customer simply has to provide a reference (National Insurance number or Self Assessment Unique Tax identifier) and say ‘My voice is my password’ to access their services.

This removes the requirement to answer a series of knowledge-based security questions, which often require the customer to have the information to hand.

Along with being more user-friendly, it will also mean that more customers will be able to successfully pass security in the automated portion of the call – shortening total call length due to a reduction in adviser-led security.

Is it secure?

VoiceID is one of the most secure ways to verify that a caller really is who they say they are. No two voices are the same and more than 100 characteristics are measured when evaluating someone’s voice and match, making it as a fingerprint.

Enrolment and verification

The enrolment process is straightforward. After a customer has passed the current security check they will be asked to repeat ‘My voice is my password’ multiple times. The next time the customer calls they will be asked to say ‘My voice is my password’ to verify their identity.

Opting out

Customers can choose to opt out of VoiceID at any time by discussing this with the adviser.

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