Peer Support and Peer Supporters

What is Peer Support?

Peer support is an equal relationship between individuals or groups of people who get together to give and receive information, advice and support. It’s a chance for people to share their experiences, learn things they would not have known otherwise, and support each other around a particular issue.

Up until now Equal Lives has provided opportunities for people to access peer support through our Member Groups, Independent Living Groups (ILGs) and as part of our project work. For example the ILGs meet to support each other and share information about personal budgets and other issues concerning living independently. The Moving Forward Project helped people to take a positive and creative approach to perhaps getting back into work and allowed people to share their own experiences, learn from and encourage each other to overcome the barriers to achieving that.

Our Peer Supporters

Equal Lives have created an opportunity for people to get some one-to-one support primarily around applying for and/or managing a personal budget/direct payment.

We have delivered two rounds of training which attendees thought were “trainee led”, “engaging”, “informative”, “practical”, “engaging” and “fun”.


For more information and/or to express an interest in future training sessions please contact Hazel on






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