Workforce Development

Sarah Steele

What is ‘workforce development’

When we talk about the ‘workforce’ in this project we mean care agencies and organisations that provide residential care.

The ‘development’ is about making these services better.

The workforce development project supports care providers across Norfolk to involve the people who use the services, helping to make them better.

What will the workforce development project do?

The project has 3 parts:

There is free disability equality training being provided to care providers across Norfolk. The training is being delivered by people who face disabling barriers every day, who are the experts.

A group of people have worked together to design and produce an information pack. This pack is being given to care providers across Norfolk and gives free information and ideas for different ways to involve people receiving services in developing them. This is available to download below.

There are a number of care providers being supported to learn new ways to better involve the people that use the services in developing them.

Why is this good for people who receive care?

  • Improved confidence
  • Comments are listened to
  • Feel more involved
  • Having the service that’s right for you

Why is this good for care providers?

  • Be recognised as an organisation that listens to it customers
  • Meet new national and local care standards
  • Staff feel they are supporting people’s choices
  • Have a more cost-effective service

Involving People - make a difference to your service (189 downloads)  PDF booklet