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Hate Crime

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What is hate crime?

In July 2012, 15 disabled people from across the county were trained over 3 days to become disability hate crime campaigners as part of Equal Lives’ Disability Hate Crime Project. Since then they have been going around the county delivering presentations to various groups and organisations, including Ipswich Road Community Hub, Great Yarmouth Community Hub, Holt Advocacy Group, Norwich Access Group and North Walsham Independent Living Group. So far they have given 10 formal presentations and reached 150 people. The group developed a presentation which covers:

  • What hate crime is
  • Who it happens to
  • How if affects people
  • How to report Hate Crime
  • How we can work together to stop it

They has also been to 26 other groups and organisations chatting to people about the project, raising awareness about what we’ve been doing.

Working with the Police and Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC)

We have worked with the Police and other organisations through the Police Disability Forum and the Multi Agency Protocol (MAP) Hate Crime group. Through both groups we have stated the necessity for improved reporting mechanisms for disabled people, (especially those with learning disabilities), and a much better understanding of the issues disabled people may face when trying to report. Equal Lives have been working with the Safer Future Communities Network in Norfolk to highlight the benefits of the project with the PCC and to highlight the importance of service user involvement in the development of services. We will continue to engage with the PCC and build relations with Police in local areas and encourage them to work with us to gain a better understanding disability across the spectrum.  We will work with partners and local communities to ensure that disabled people are fully involved in work on Hate Crime and that the issues and barriers they face are tackled in any partnership working.

Reporting Hate Crime

Stop Hate UK have introduced a free helpline for people with learning disabilities who have experienced Hate Crime. The number is 0808 802 1155 and is 24hrs a day every day of the year. Fore more information go to:

Equal Lives is a hate crime Third Party Reporting Centre

Two officers from the Police came to train some of our front line staff specifically about what it means to be a third party reporting centre and how to take reports. These people will go on to inform other people in their respective teams. We will continue to use our campaigners to give more hate crime training to our staff as when required. If you would like to report a Hate Crime incident please contact us via the contact us page.

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