Equal Lives is active in campaigning and we provide disabled people with the information they need to get involved in local and national campaigns. You can find out what campaigns we are involved in which have been decided through our membership, in this area of the website.

21st August 2017 – Equal Lives CEO, Mark Harrison, joined DDPOs in Geneva to put forward evidence to challenge the UK government on their treatment of disabled people. The UN chairwoman has stated that the UK Government’s welfare cuts have created a “human catastrophe”. The UK have rejected the findings. ROFA are now deciding on what action can be taken.

Documents regarding the UN CPRD, and a break down of key issues can be found on our blog post here:

Fri 2nd December 2016- Equal Lives and DPAC facilitated a demonstration with their members outside the inaccessible PIP Assessment Centre on Queens Road Norwich and in conjunction with International Day of Disabled People Saturday 3rd December. Read more about this here:

25th October – We are all Daniel Blake – scrap WCA & Benefit Sanctions now! Demonstration took place @11:30am footbridge of grapes hill and then at 12:30-2pm outside St Marys House Duke Street with DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) and Equal Lives

20th October – Here is a link to the BBC Look East piece on the Campaign to Save Mental Health Services in Norfolk & Suffolk demonstration last week.

July 18th – Time pressures compromising social work practice at council, finds review

 St Marys House Protest 5th MayProtest is held over disability assessments

Protesters gathered in Norwich to demonstrate against the impact of government tests that examine if disabled people qualify for benefits. The protest was organised by disability charity Equal Lives and Norfolk Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), and saw around 15 people armed with placards and posters outside St Marys House, on Duke Street. They unveiled a banner and chanted as cars drove by, some tooting in support. The venue is where work capability assessments are carried out by private American company Maximus.

Lyn Gardenchild, a protester from Norwich, said the assessments were not designed to test a persons ability to work. “It’s applying a template and that doesn’t fit everyone,” she said “Many people have mental health difficulties and they can’t cope with these mechanical evaluations.”

Mark Harrison, chief executive of Equal Lives, said they had decided to hold the protest because the government “has imposed a draconian regime of testing and sanctioning which is resulting in unnecessary deaths and suicides amongst disabled people.”

Figures from the Department for Work and Pensions revealed during December 2011 and February 2014 more than 2,000 people died after their claim for employment and support allowance ended because a work-capability assessment found that they were fit for work. When he presented the budget in March chancellor George Osborne said the government would be spending and extra £1bn on helping the disabled.

Reported in EDP Friday 6th May – Nicholas Carding

April 01 2016 DPAC has released a new story covering a recent judgement on the Bedroom Tax which means a lot of disabled people affected should now appeal. check the news story out here:

Notepad imageMarch 8th 2016

Community Care publishes an insider’s view of what it’s like to be a social worker in Norfolk Adult Social Care

Social worker: ‘I want service users’ complaint about my council to succeed’

My council’s decisions are compromising our professional values and damaging service user outcomes, writes a social worker







Council cuts proposals ‘fly in face of Care Act’ and risk legal challenge

Council cuts proposals ‘fly in face of Care Act’ and risk legal challenge

March 2nd 2016

Council cuts proposals ‘fly in face of Care Act’ and risk legal challenge

Warning comes as user-group writes to health secretary urging him to order a CQC investigation into one council’s commissioning.

Funding pressures mean councils are proposing cuts that “fly in the face of the Care Act” and are potentially unlawful, campaigners and legal experts have told Community Care.



Press Release 24th February The Guardian – Mary O’Hara

Austerity has hit disabled people hardest – now they’re fighting back

Press Release 23rd February 2016

More cuts to social care will rob disabled people of their independence

The CQC complaint and videos made by service users:

Equal Lives complaint to CQC (272 downloads)

Equal Lives complaint to CQC - Word (312 downloads)


Interviews and photos are available with service users featured in the case studies below. Contact Mark Harrison to arrange on: 07825 600195 or 07979 400564


Information on future demonstrations can be found on the DPAC website: or by contacting us on: 01508 491210.

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