Equal Lives Communication – New Chair Announcement

Equal Lives Chair Jonathan Moore has stepped down. We would like to thank Jon for his hard work over the last 5 years.

Tom Fadden has therefore been co-opted as chair until the AGM next year.

Tom has been a trustee of Equal Lives since October 2016 and is a highly motivated and passionate advocate of the social model and independent living.

Tom has worked within the 3rd sector, is running his own disability consultancy company, and has been involved in setting up several Independent Living Groups. Alongside becoming a Reading Business (undergraduate) and Brand Leadership (Postgraduate) at UEA.  Tom brings extensive experience to the role and the development of Equal Lives.

As a wheelchair user, with a lifelong experience of disability, Tom has a good understanding of the barriers and issues faced by disabled people. He is also a member of the Norwich Access Group, Norwich Independent Living Group, Thetford Independent Living Group and the Youth Network of ENIL. These experiences give Tom the knowledge and tools to help guide and govern Equal Lives effectively.

We ask you will all support Tom in his new role as Chair of Equal Lives and driving us forward for a dynamic and open future.

If you have any queries regarding this, please email Tom at tom.fadden@equallives.org.uk

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  1. Mike Llywelyn Cox

    A sad loss for us with Jon stepping down. Both of us joined the board at virtually the same time and I’ve always liked and supported him (in most things). I’m sorry to see Jon go. However, I’ve known Tom for some time now and have followed his activities on social media. I think he will be an absolute Whizz as Chair. My very best wishes Tom.

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