DWP new £40 million fund to help disabled people into work

The government has announced new support to help disabled people into work, called the Intensive Personalised Employment Support programme.  It is intended for people who are at least a year away from moving into work, and will provide coaching ‘to help build their independence, confidence and motivation, as well as work experience to help boost their career prospects’.

This is in addition to support that disabled people may be given through the Work and Health Programme, which you can volunteer to join and which may provide personal support, e.g. to find long-term employment and manage health problems.  The new Intensive Personalised Employment Support is for people who aren’t quite ready for that step.  Ask at the Jobcentre about either of these, or about help you might get through Access to Work.

See here for more information: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/40-million-personalised-support-package-for-long-term-unemployed-disabled-people-launched