Benefits and Tax Credits payments over Easter Holidays

If you are worried about when you will receive benefits and tax credits over the Easter holidays 2017, the government advises that you would normally receive payment on the last working day before the holidays.

In effect, this means*:

If you’re expecting a tax credits (or Universal Credit) payment on Good Friday (14 April 2017) you should receive it a day early on Thursday 13 April 2017.

If you are expecting a tax credits (or Universal Credit) payment on 17 April 2017 (Monday) you’ll also receive it on Thursday 13 April 2017.

Payments for social security and disability benefits (JSA, ESA, PIP, etc.) expected on either 14 April or 17 April should be made on 13 April.

If you are due a Child Benefit payment on 17 April 2017 you should instead receive it on 13 April 2017.

And in case you’re also wondering about Mayday, ANY payments due on 1 May are scheduled to be sent out to claimants on 28 April 2017.

*Disclaimer: We recommend that you contact the relevant government department (DWP, Jobcentre Plus or HMRC) for confirmation on payment dates. The dates included above may be subject to change and Welfare Weekly accepts no liability for late/delayed payments.

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  1. Hi im due dla on 18th april do you know if this will be paid early as banks are shut on good friday and easter monday so just wondering if this will effect my payment or will enter my account on tuesday 18th as usual?

  2. Trudy Lee

    We received a number of queries over the Bank Holiday period when we were closed asking when Benefit payments would be made due to Easter. If this is unresolved for you and you have not been paid, please contact your local payment office for assistance.

  3. Kim hall ruffles

    Hello there ! My last payment over the Easter holidays 2018 was the 29 March , I still have not received my next payment and the date today is 17 th APRIL , please would you contact me to put my mind at rest as to when I will receive my payment thank you

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