Equal Lives Trustees

In order to achieve our mission, values and aims, we are governed by a board of Equal Lives Trustees. The Trustees meet quarterly to set policy, monitor performance and overall direction.

The board delegates monitoring work to the Finance and Development sub-committee.

There is also a governance review working group that meets to ensure the policies and procedures of Equal Lives are fit for purpose. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) implements policy and strategy, manages day-to-day affairs and reports to the board.

The board is controlled by three elected officers, these are the chairman, the vice chairman and the treasurer.

Each year members are invited to nominate trustees. Trustees are elected by member votes at each Annual General Meeting (AGM). They stand for three years, with the option to stand down at each AGM. Officers are elected annually.

The Chairman must always be a disabled person and has the duty of seeing that the goals controlled in the overall strategy are being carried out by the CEO as per the direction of the board. The vice chairman is a direct assistant to the chair. The treasurer has overall responsibility for the company finances and is chairman of the finance and development committee. They are also responsible for presenting budgets and financial accounts for the year.

Who are the Equal Lives Trustees?



Tom Fadden photo

Tom Fadden – Chair

I believe in the social model of disability and I bring a diverse skill set and wide ranging experience to the board. Reading Business (undergraduate) and Brand Leadership (Postgraduate). I believe I can contribute to the development of Equal Lives.

During my time at university I was elected campaign convener for students with disabilities in 2008/2009. Alongside this I helped to set up an access group for the university developing and delivering accessible tour guides.

Working in both the commercial and third sectors in areas including branding, marketing, socil media and disability rights I would add to the knowledge base and diversity of the board.

In my spare time, I’m a member of Norwich Access Group and I enjoy disability sport, primarily wheelchair basketball and tennis. I have been a player, coach and committee member of wheelchair basketball clubs and would enjoy working with Equal Lives on its future development.

Shaun McGarry treasurerShaun McGarry – Treasurer

I am both blind and deaf; my condition is called Usher’s Syndrome (a combination of Retinitis Pigmentosa and congenital deafness). I am middle aged, reasonably fit and active, have a natural flair for mathematics, physical sciences and have a good appreciation of the technology world and a natural ability to program computers of all sizes, including developing web sites. I bring my 10 year experiences running the Great Yarmouth VIP User Group, being the treasurer, chairman and vice chairman. I actively seek to tackle barriers facing people with visual impairments, plus also doing many fund raising efforts. I have a simple outlook on life and I like things to be kept simple and neat. I enjoy listening to audio books, the radio and also I’m building my own house! I feel that I will provide lots of thoughts, ideas and support to the whole of Equal Lives and its future.



Bill Albert Treasurer

Bill Albert – President for Life

“I have been active in the disability movement since I joined the Norwich Access Group in 1992 and being their chair 1994-1997. Since then I have worked in the movement locally, nationally and internationally.”

Founding Member NCODP, Chair NCODP 1995-2002/3, CEO NCODP 2007-2009

Chair International Committee British Council of Disabled People 1998-2002

Chair Bioethics Committee Disabled People’s International Europe 1998-2003

for more information about Bill’s work as an academic and novelist see http://www.billalbert.me.uk

dan barrett image

Dan Barrett – Trustee

Trustee of Equal Lives since 2007 representing people with learning disabilities. I have a good attitude to work and am able to keep things confidential. I am an advocate and member of the Management Committee at Opening Doors. I am a good listener and will listen to what people have to say and their concerns or problems. I have experience of attending meetings and have been involved in a number of Equal Lives campaigns. I am a social person and like being with people. I like being a Trustee so we can work together.





 Kate Wyatt Image


Kate Wyatt – Trustee

I was very proud to be elected Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees at the last election having been a member for several years.

I have been Secretary of an Equal Lives Member group, the Dereham and District Access Group for the past 9 years, in fact the DDAG have recently been celebrating their 25th Anniversary endeavoring to keep Dereham more accessible for disabled people. Over the years I have become more confident, therefore more vocal with regard to campaigning on disability issues.

The work of Equal Lives is more important than ever due to all the austerity cuts and hardship that disabled people are currently facing, so the role of the Board of Trustees is equally important to take the organisation through what is a difficult time for us all, I feel honoured to be part of the team to be currently doing this.

Kevin James Image Kevin James – Trustee

I’m a Roc Project Partner & Peer Lead. I work with the NSFT Recovery Project. I am Chair of Disability Advisory Forum Norfolk and Suffolk Police Constabulary and a Member of Independent Advisory Group for the Constabulary. I hold several roles at the UEA: Peer Lead for Service User/Parent/Carer for the Faculty of UEA and Chair of Experts by Experience Committee UEA.

Vice-Chair of Norwich CCG Patient and Community Advisory Panel, Vice-Chair of the Norwich City Disabled Supporters Association for NCFC, Represent Together Wellbeing at the National Steering Group and The Broader Management Forum. I am an  Independent Member of the Mental Health Provider Forum Norfolk and Lead Facilitator of the City South Forum for NSFT.



 Fraser Bowe – Trustee

I acquired my disability through an in-service injury whilst serving with the RAF. I was medically discharged and told by the RAF medics that I would never work again, or drive a car. I’m used to people having zero aspirations for me and having to work hard to prove them wrong. Having had several jobs, each ones a step up the rung. Now I help to run the Amazon delivery station in Norwich. I was awarded an MBA and Diploma in Professional Consulting at The UEA 2 years ago. Proud to be fellow Chartered Manager and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

I have battled through the benefits system, as well as experiencing underwhelming support from the NHS and others. I have also had positive experiences from individuals in work, volunteering at the UEA. I have been involved with Equal Lives for several years. My qualifications and experience can make a real difference- especially in ICT, communications. I think I can also help with contract/supplier management, governance, risk management and financial budgets.

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