The 2017 Budget – Key points for people facing disabling barriers

From the budget that was announced yesterday we have summarised the following points:

  1. There was an announcement of another social care green paper and extra funding of: £1.2 billion in 2017-18, £800m in 2018-19 and £400m in 2019-20 for social care. However what we don’t know is whether any of it will be used to promote independent living and create more choice and control through personal budgets/people managing their own care through direct payments.
  2. Apart from a brief mention in budget documents there was no mention of the latest PIP cuts and nothing at all on next month’s ESA cut to people placed in the WRAG group. This is what the documents have to say about the PIP cuts: “The Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) notes that the action taken by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to clarify Personal Independence Payment policy offsets most of the cost arising from recent legal judgments. These restore the government’s original policy intent.” Their only focus is cutting costs; there is no recognition of, or concern for, the financial hardship and loss of independence that these two cuts will cause to disabled people.
  3. No mention of disabled people or disability in the budget speech. At all.
  4. There is new funding available for new free schools, many of which will be selective (although there is confusion over the actual numbers and exactly how much money is being offered). This is bad news for disabled students and young people as selective schools are far less likely to accept disabled students than non-selective.

You can also find a summary which was provided by the EDP in which our CEO mark Harrision was quoted

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